By Parham Negahdar

We Need Better Browsers: How I Ditched Chrome

TL;DR: Browsers are underserving you and we're building a much better one designed from the ground up to make you better at exploring, learning and playing. Join our waitlist or follow me on Twitter for updates.

We need better browsers. I can make my case pretty quickly.

Here's what Netscape looked like in 1994:

Here's what Chrome looks like today:

Over 27 years we've managed to: inline the buttons, add incognito mode for Porn (honestly, not terrible), and bundled in privacy intrusive features from The MegaCorp®.

How have we innovated? Well we got browsers like Brave, that are brave enough (hah) to give us our privacy back.

Folks... Browsers are the operating systems of the future and the baseline for 'good' is a modicum of fucking respect for our privacy. And they're not even good at that.

"What has your browser done for you?"

"Well, it works"...

Does it though? 🤔

How many links do you open to get through your issues on Jira/Github or whatever you use?

How long does it take you to switch between personal and work accounts?

How many tabs of your email do you have open?

Why does it take you 30 seconds to get to your calendar?

Where was that great Matt Levine article about the SPACs you were reading?

I had enough. We can do a lot better than this.

Introducing Synth

So I set out to build a browser called Synth. It's fast. It's smart. It really makes you shine. It will push forward the status quo.

Importantly, we, the team that makes Synth, deeply believe a browser has no fucking place being sketchy. Privacy-first isn't a feature, but a minimum.

Here's what it looks like:

Screenshot of Synth

We made sure everything looks familiar (we're saving our fractal browser prototypes for v2), but the similarities stop there.

It's packed with things to make you flow better:

  • Automatic ML based concept graph extraction (your brain outside your brain, it's huge.)
  • Intelligent deep history
  • Archiving
  • Scheduling
  • Snoozing
  • Workflows
  • Always on Tabs
  • Ad blockers built in
  • Cookie blockers built in
  • Tab manager that freed up all the memory and cpu Chrome was hogging

Your brain outside your brain (Auto-Roam)

Our most important goal with Synth is to help people think and work better.

I consume so much content on the internet, comments, videos, essays, blog posts, and all of it goes into the void after I see it.

Recently I've fallen in love with tools like Roam and Obsidian which allow you to build networked thought around your notes.

We need networked thought for EVERYTHING we consume not just notes we take.

So we built it into Synth. I've been using it exclusively for the last 2 months. And my god, its amazing.

You know that feeling when you find a good information organization tool and immediately get annoyed you weren't doing it before? That's how Synth made me feel. It's a great sign we're onto something good here.

Even more, it's all automatic. Not a single button I need to press, not a note to type. I just read articles, read emails, GDocs, and watch videos. Synth organizes it all for me.

Now when I type '#NFT' in my url bar I immediately get everything I've consumed related to NFTs. It is sweet.

You really need to get started auto-tagging your universe (internet) now.

We're just getting started

This whole platform is built on web technologies we love, so we can deliver a lot more features to you, faster.

We have a huge list of amazing ideas that will really revolutionize the browser (not just move the tabs on the side). And we're so excited for you to try them.

Your browser is an integral part of your day to day work and yet browsers do nothing to make that experience better or more joyous. We're going to change that.

We'll be writing a lot more about this in the weeks to come in the following browser series:

  • The History of Browsers - even the weird ones like Lynx and Project Xanadu
  • The Future of Browsers for the Internet
  • Exploration of UI Innovation in Networked Thought
  • Browsers in the World of VR (Futurism)

If that's the type of nitty gritty that interests you, I encourage you to follow me on Twitter where I'll post article updates and talk about stuff like this.

If you just want to try the damn thing, join our waitlist on the home page.

Into the future!