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Augment your work 👩‍🔬 and your mind 🧠 with the internet, don't just browse it.
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Don't Just Browse.
Get Stuff Done.


Inbox Zero For Everything

Love Inbox Zero? Now you can do it for any web page. That means you can add email, events, issues, articles, products, reports. Anything really.

Instant Issues & Tasks

Zoom into Meetings

Zip Through Logins & Workspaces


Smart Bookmarks & History

Bookmarks and history taken to the next level. They are enriched with their content and context so you can search them quickly. No more guessing what the title of that one page you bookmarked was. Just type what you remember and we'll find it.

Tag & Connect Your Web

Search Everywhere (⌘E)

AI Powered Omnibar

What has your browser
done forYou?

Need more reasons?

Snooze & Schedule Anything

Snooze and schedule any webpage you visit. Respond to an email next week, view a BI dashboard every Wednesday Morning.

Always On

Pinned tabs on steroids: no duplicates, won't close or navigate away. Keep your favorite tools always on and ready to use. No more waiting for your calendar or email to load. Spotify, Slack, Google Drive all right there.

Focus Mode

Switch on focus mode to block all the websites that distract you so you can get work done.

Daily Notes

Daily notes right on top of your Inbox. Always pick up where you left off. Works with Notion and Roam

Power & Memory Saver

Auto sleep safe tabs and bring them back when you need them. Leads to up to 80% performance improvement for many workflows.

Web Snippets

Save snippets and parts of webpages in full HTML and comment and take notes on them. Enrich your internet with your thoughts.


Automatically backup and save your favorite websites so they're never deleted and you don't lose your source of truth!

Best In Class Security & Privacy

Ad & Spam Protection

Builtin always-enabled ad and spam protection. Disables common trackers from tracking your browsing habits across the web.

Anti-Fingerprinting Technology

Advanced techniques are used to reduce the uniqueness of your browser to avoid fingerprinting. Fingerprinting is used by websites to track you without using cookies.

Safe Extensions

Extensions getbought and sold everyday along with your data and privacy. We extend your browser experience with trusted extensions that don't steal your info.

Extend Synth with
all the tools you love ❤️.

Integration with BitBucket and Inbox
Integration with CircleCI and Inbox
Integration with Github and Inbox
Integration with Gitlab and Inbox
Integration with Google and Inbox
Integration with Jira and Inbox
Integration with Jenkins and Inbox
Integration with Notion and Inbox
Integration with PagerDuty and Inbox
Integration with SalesForce and Inbox
Integration with Sentry and Inbox
Integration with StackOverflow and Inbox
with one click.
all in one place.
your workflow.
Designed for You,
Joyous for Teams
Collaborate on Anything
Extend your chats and conversations to any website and any page, not just sites that support. Whether its a blog, a video, a paper or a document. You can collaborate on it on Synth.
Crisp Realtime
Everything is realtime, but not only that. Everything feels crisp. When things are crisp, you feel like you're gliding through your work. You have to try it to get what me mean.
Works Everywhere
Synth works everywhere you work. Everything is automatically and securely synchronized so you continue where you left off.

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